☁ Watch it : A short flim of Courage ☼

Even when the sun is cover by the cloud eventually the cloud goes away and the Sun bring back light again.

Remember, No matter what you go through . You always have an ability to rise above.
Don’t loose Hope~
Don’t loose Faith~

Everyone needs a friend but most importantly.. You need yourself because You Are your own Light ! ☼

Catch a glimpse of this video !
– You don’t need to be a dancer to understand this. But even Dancing is art that also express emotions, stories, beauty, and entertainment.
Enjoy ツ


✎ Be Inspired ✯ Rocky Balboa – Motivation speech ✯

If you know who Rocky Balboa is.. He is one of the main character from a classic boxing films from the year of 1976. There is five sequels about this very men who went through obstacle and living an American Dream. I guarantee you would enjoy this wonderful movie once you see it for yourself but for right now this is only a inspire motivational clip . Enjoy ღ

❝ We’re all gonna takes hits from life no matter what… the point is to be prepared for it and keep moving forward.❞

” Keep Your head up “

-Tupac sold nearly 5,000,000 copies specifically on this music.



♫About the music video’♫

The Music video opens up with the words “Dedicated to the memory of Latasha Harlins, it’s still on”, The format with Shakur rapping in the middle of a circle surrounded by a crowd of people and in some scenes  holding a young child. At times the video shows scenes of what Tupac is rapping about.

There is a Miracle Out there ! (English Dub.)

Sung Bong Choi at Korea’s Got Talent

You have to watch it for yourself :).

It will leave your crying but it will also inspire you in so many ways. I shown this to my bf’s mother and she was crying but she also love the video. She told me it inspire her alot.

You will have to see why this video would inspire and give you a different output. Just read the translation and watch the video , Please Enjoy !