✎ Be Inspired ✯ Rocky Balboa – Motivation speech ✯

If you know who Rocky Balboa is.. He is one of the main character from a classic boxing films from the year of 1976. There is five sequels about this very men who went through obstacle and living an American Dream. I guarantee you would enjoy this wonderful movie once you see it for yourself but for right now this is only a inspire motivational clip . Enjoy ღ

❝ We’re all gonna takes hits from life no matter what… the point is to be prepared for it and keep moving forward.❞


One thought on “✎ Be Inspired ✯ Rocky Balboa – Motivation speech ✯

  1. Hey it’s Rocky ! I heard about this movie. This is a Real classic but I just don’t understand how there is no comment about this specifically blog. Weren’t this suppose to inspire people even though it’s not a real story but a real fundamental meaning behind it? Wow, “some” people I mean probably all people need to get out more .
    Well anyways enough about that . Here’s a short story how I start watching Rocky 1.
    Me and my pops will watch this during Family time every Saturday and pretend to impersonate him but even though we weren’t doing it right. It was still fun bringing the old classic back.

    Keep inspiring !

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