A Comfortable Outfit Idea

An idea of a comfort outfit

#Rainy #Comfort #Casual #June #2013 #Coffee #Sweets #Yogurt

When it’s raining and the mood is mellow. I would rather stay home and watch a Comedy with coffee, sweets, and yogurt.




If  your looking for some new relaxing summer attire to add to your wardrobe. This outfit here listed from forever 21 is a good addition. Perfect for that summer barbecue get-together with good friends or neighbors . Feel comfortable and the summer breeze while you enjoy good food and drinks in this summer attire .

Multi-Stripe Racerback Tank Top-  The material is 100% rayon and hand wash material . Lightweight to wear featuring sleeveless and chest pocket.It’s a  Great outfit for a casual wear and a stay home setting. From sizes S-L and comes in three more colors from black, blue, and ivory stripes,. -$8.80 (Forever 21)



Drawstring Tribal Print Pants – Comes in black/camel and black/cream with a material of a 100% polyester woven. It’s Light , slant, and stretchable. Size from XS-L . This item would be great for any even’t such as travel, lunch, and even in bed.  -$15.80 (Forever 21)

If  your looking for this casual look  in this year summer this tribal pant is a pattern  illusion of art. Different but Bold and it looks great on dates, theater, dinner, or maybe a trip to a park. You can take a look at this pants at forever 21 .


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